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The Latest and Greatest Frances News:


Every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, my long-standing improv team Flash Garden hosts a show at The Clubhouse Theater here in LA. At our last show we had a writer for SNL perform, so I figure we're now legit enough to make my "News" page. Should be a good one tonight!


Thrilled to announce that a feature film I acted in, Vanessa Knutsen's Only Humans is debuting at the Sedona Film Festival later this month!


A couple months ago, I got to work with some of my favorites on Duncan Birmingham's (Maron, Blunt Talk) short film Takeout Night! Well, guess what? It's making its premiere at the AFI Festival this month!


A cute commercial I'm in is out now for Nature's Bounty vitamins. I got to work with a real-deal ex-NFL player, pretending to teach him yoga.


A Void, a fantastical funny-sad play by the incomparable Kirsten Kearse (Blunt Talk) opens tonight! Come see Timm Sharp, Mary Holland, Arne Gjelten, Rachel Sondag and I make some theater magic!


A lot of fun stuff has been going on. A short film I was in, Be Good for Rachel, is going to premiere next month at the New York Film Festival! So much work went into this film, and I'm thrilled with how it turned out. It was a real family affair -- my good friend Rachel Sondag wrote and starred in it, and my husband Jeff was the Director of Photography and a co-producer. They both knocked it out of the park. As chance would have it, the following week, another short film that we all worked on -- #lakehollywood -- will also be playing in NYC at the New York Dog Film Festival! Meanwhile, I just got to work here in LA with an old friend from New York, Vanessa Knutsen. We had worked together way back in the day on her very first short film, and it was fantastic to work together again as more experienced artists on her first feature, Only Humans. I'm very excited to see how this movie takes shape!


I just got back to LA from an extended trip home to Madison, Wi (go Packers; go Badgers) because of family affairs. It was an intense, amazing time. But before I left, I shot this commercial for Road Trip!


Prairie-Oke! is back at the Cavern Club Theater in LA. This time I get to share the stage with SNL alum Melanie Hutsell and Groundlings darlings Mitch Silpa and Keven Berentson. What a treat!


My Progressive commercial is finally out in the world! Check it out: Rid Yourself!


The year has been off to a very fun start. I booked and shot a new commercial for Progressive Insurance. It was a blast to shoot, and I'm dying to see it. Think Irish directors, moody camera work, references to zombie movies, and stunt doubles. I also got to reprise my role as Rosemary in "I Totally Know What You Did Last (Donna) Summer" out in Palm Springs over Valentine's Day weekend. Appropriate timing because I love that group of people so very much.


Happy New Year! I recently found links to a couple commercials I shot at the end of last year. Here was my last gig of 2014: a commercial for Optimum Cablevision. And here's the link to the Mastercard Masterpass commercial I shot right before that. Because it's currently showing in Australia, they dubbed my voice with an Australian actress'! 


I had the great pleasure of acting in the brilliant Rachel Sondag's short film #lakehollywood earlier this year, and it's starting to make the festival circuit! We went up to Santa Cruz last weekend to see it play at the Santa Cruz Film Festival, and it's also part of the Viewster Online Festival, which is open to audience voting. Every view, comment, and share on twitter or Facebook counts as a vote!

10/13/14 just gave "I Totally Know What You Did Last (Donna) Summer" a killer review!


Oh wow, lots of news since my last post! I booked and shot another commercial for Mastercard. Plus, after our sold-out run in May, "I Totally Know What You Did Last (Donna) Summer" is returning to The Cavern Club at Casita del Campo this month. Get your tickets here: tickets. Additionally, my beloved improv team, Flash Garden, is starting a new weekly show at The Clubhouse in Los Feliz called The Hometown Show. I'm really excited about it. So far we have some great teams and special guests lined up!


My latest play "I Totally Know What You Did Last (Donna) Summer" opened this weekend to a sold-out house, and we've gotten a lot of love from the press. Queerty called us "one of the most creative rep companies in the land" and listed us alongside Robyn, Maya Rudolph, and "Petals in the Wind" as one of the 10 things they're eyeing May! This coming weekend is sold-out too, so get your tickets for the final two weekends now, or stop by for the few standby tickets available at the door!


Since last I wrote, I booked and shot another commercial for First Bank. I got to play an Amish woman, and I love how it turned out. So funny: First Bank Commercial.


I've had an exciting start to my year. My first acting of the year was playing opposite Maron writer and executive producer Duncan Birmingham in Rachel Sondag's brand new short film "#LakeHollywood". And then this past week, I shot 2 commercials -- one for JC Penney directed by Melodie McDaniel, and one for Fruit Vines candy. I've also gotten the script for Dane Whitlock's new show, which will start rehearsing in April. I can't wait!


My original show "Murder in Beaver Brook: A Frances Chewning Whodunnit" is playing tomorrow evening at the UCB-LA at 5:30pm! We've got an amazing cast: George Basil, Ptolemy Slocum, and Mather Zickel. It's going to be bonkers. Click the link to buy your $5 tickets!


Two exciting pieces of news today! The first is that my commercial for Exede Internet came out yesterday, and I think it's adorable. The second is that I'm doing an original 2-person show at the UCB on Monday December 9th at 5:30. Tickets aren't on sale yet, but as soon as they are, I'll post them! I am so pleased to report that George Basil agreed to co-star in it with me, Joseph Corella is choreographing, and my brilliant husband Jeff Maksym is directing! Get ready for ... "Murder in Beaver Brook: A Frances Chewning Whodunnit!"


In honor of my website being around for over a year now, I'm going to start adding the year to my dates! But wait, there's more. I also just shot a commercial for Exede Internet, and my co-star was a puppet created by the folks at Legacy Effects. I can't tell you how fun it was to act with a puppet! I had no idea I would love it so much, but when I remember how real my stuffed animals were (are) to me, it does make some sense. But that's not all. The cast of Prairie-Oke! won the StageScene LA's Memorable Cast Performance and Director "Scenie" awards! Thanks, StageScene LA!


We're reviving the musical I did in April, now called Prairie-Oke! and it opens this weekend! Check out the sweet trailer our producer made! Our last run sold out, and opening night for the revival is already sold out too, so get your tickets now!


This weekend I'm going to be joining Jerry O'Connell, Rob Belushi, and Scott Lowell on set for the short film, Bedtime, written by the fabulously talented Rachel Sondag and directed by BAFTA nominee Ed Roe! So excited!!


I'll be joining indie sketch show Sketchbar's house team for the month of June. Come see our team, "Good Hair," debut brand new sketches every Sunday night in June at The Clubhouse!


"Almond Grove!" closed this past weekend to sold-out houses and visits from original Little House cast members Melissa Gilbert, Alison Arngrim, and Lindsay Greenbush! Check out our rave review on LA I'm Yours! This coming Wednesday, the comedy feature The Exquisite Corps Project where I make a few cameo appearances screens at Cinefamily in LA. Here's the link for tickets: Fun Times


My most recent commercial for Burlington Coat Factory is out: Nice! Also my show "Almond Grove! That Karoake Pioneer Musical Formerly Known as Something Else" opened last weeked to a sold-out house. We've got two more weeks to go. It is a blast. (Can you guess what it was formerly known as? Hint: Look down about one inch.)


My new show opens in a week and a half, and it's going to be a blast. Here's a link for tickets: Little House on the Prairie-Oke!


Hooray! The commercial I shot in Buenos Aires for Gevalia Coffee is finished! Check it out: Gevalia "Book Club."


Happy New Year! After a wonderful holiday vacation, I am back in the swing of things. Tomorrow I'm shooting another commercial, this time for Burlington Coat Factory. I'll never forget the puffy black coat with neon accents I got there as a kid. I was also delighted to get an email from the brilliant Dane Whitlock, creative force behind "Are You There God? It's Me, Karen Carpenter," asking me to join his new show, "Little House on the Praire-Oke". Drew Droege will be back as well, using his blonde curls to sharp effect as bratty Nellie Olson. It opens in April!


Next Friday, December 7th, I am joining the brilliant cast of "Are You There God? It's Me, Karen Carpenter" for one night only at The Hudson Theatre! I am so excited, especially because I am a huge fan of the star, Drew Droege. If you're in LA, come check it out!


I booked another commercial! And this time I get to go to Buenos Aires! I'm so excited. I also just found out the DP is the great Andrij Parekh with whom I worked waaayyyy back on a short film called Neo-Noir. As an extra bonus, the commercial's for Gevalia Coffee, so I'm hoping to snag a few bags for free. We'll see.


The commercial I shot for the USA/Cloo Network just came out! It's pretty cute. Here's the link: USA/Cloo Network SVU


I booked and shot another commercial! I can't wait to see this one because it was a blast to shoot. They dressed up downtown LA to look like NYC, and it made me a bit "home"sick. It's a promo for the Cloo Network. Plus, extra news, The Exquisite Corpse Project got accepted to the Austin Film Festival!


My Goya bean commercial is officially on the air! Check it out on Goya's website: Goya Beans


After having a great time working with the non-union department at BBR Talent, today I signed with their union department as well! So pleased to be working with such a respected agency and good people.


The Exquisite Corpse Project won the audience award Dances With Films Festival! They also played at the LA New Wave Festival and won Best Director! Go team!


The Exquisite Corpse Project, a movie my good friends made, and in which I have several cameo appearances, is premiering at the Dances With Films Festival in Hollywood, this Saturday, June 2nd! Here's the trailer.


My improv team, Flash Garden, is performing in the first ever LA Indie Improv Festival! This Saturday at noon. If you want to see a photo of our adorable team and know about all of our upcoming performances, check out our Facebook page.


Just got back from shooting a commercial for Goya beans in Puerto Rico! I had a blast. As an added bonus, the woman who played my mother-in-law, Bunny Gibson, was one of the original American Bandstand dancers! Pretty cool.